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A 100% Brazilian company with more than 25 years of experience, Graco Logistics is one of the most respected companies in the field of international cargo transportation in Brazil. We act in the provision of international logistics service in the modalities of Air Transport, Maritime, Road, Project Cargo, Livestock, Customs Clearance and services inherent to the entire international logistics chain. We provide our experience to the specific needs of each client.

We are part of a select group of international agents called the WCA World, the world’s largest cargo agents association. There are 6.672 partners in 193 countries allowing us to ship from any source to any destination.


Build a better world by offering our customers in Brazil and worldwide a unique experience in providing international transport and logistics services by meeting the highest levels of quality, based on the tripod: Ethics, Innovation and Creativity.


Respect • Ethics • Creativity • Focus • Resilience • Proactivity • Persistence • Perseverance • Team Spirit • Diligence • Commitment • Partnership.


To be an internationally recognized company by our customers and partners for its differentiation in service and provision of International Transport and Logistics services. We work with passion, looking for best results. Shipping to all continents to every city around the world, focusing on collaborating for a sustainable growth and development of our customers in an inspiring way. We are committed to the protection of the environment, quality of life and social justice.





We have a global network of cargo agents and partnerships with the world’s largest airlines. We ensure the fulfillment of our customers’ needs by creating specialized and customized solutions for each customer, ensuring maximum agility and flexibility regardless of size, weight and load characteristics.


We act in the main ports in all continents, delivering a qualified and specialized team that offer diverse solutions with independence, speed, flexibility and planning aiming cost-benefit and customer satisfaction.


Experience in transportation planning and management allowing the design of a solution that meets customer needs. It provides door-to-door service, customs transit and international transportation, supported by a solid and renowned insurance company, ensuring punctuality and safety in transportation.


We combine trained and up-to-date professionals in dealing with the procedures, regulations and current legislation on air, sea and road exports. We offer all support and analysis of the relevant documents so that customs clearance takes place in a fast, efficient and transparent manner, generating value and projecting exporters in a market of global competitiveness.


Professionals with expertise in the Brazilian tax, fees, legal and operational system, offering strategic and intelligent solutions. Experience in special customs regimes, dealing with regulatory bodies and import licenses as market differentials, placing the importing companies in the domestic market in a scenario of extreme competition.


Our experts conduct a strategic supply chain diagnosis to identify opportunities and recommend specific actions, delivering operational excellence and consistency across all logistics chain operations. Providing complex solutions and integrated services in all aspects of planning, we offer control and execution, positioning the customers ahead of the competition and with market differential.



Managing super-heavy and oversized equipment projects is a great challenge, we are a reference company in the market with great know-how in projects loads. We cover the engineering, construction, oil, energy supplier’s companies and large industries.


Graco Logistics is one of the pioneers in this segment, with a modern and suitable structure to embark all type of Live Cargo in the aerial and maritime modalities. We have an extensive experience and managing shipments with high performance, ensuring quality from source to destination.


We are a team highly experienced in offering the best solutions that aim a cost-effective and agile shipment of solid, liquid or dangerous gases, which can generate a risk of contamination to the environment or health. We also provide documentary analysis, packaging, current legislation and technical advice to ensure the transportation and a safe delivery of cargo in all transport modes.


Graco Logistics offers customized logistics solutions for the unique characteristics of the perishable food supply chain. We create value for our customers, optimizing costs and reducing the risks inherent in the transportation of goods destined for human consumption. We offer shipment monitored from source to destination to ensure the best possible transit time and customer satisfaction.


The health and pharmaceutical industry has strict regulations and sets high requirements for the transportation and storage of essential life products. We manage shipments and organize logistics around these quality standards by delivering solutions to the Pharma and Healthcare supply chain. We are committed to delivering a transparent and reliable service around the world. Together with our customers, we have developed tailor-made solutions for transportation, warehousing, packaging and high added value services.


Graco Logistics has the resources and expertise to provide a highly competitive advantage in automotive logistics around the world with our worldwide network of agents. We meet the demand of market time and face the challenges of costs, fluctuations in demand and the need to meet a variety of standards of safety, quality and sustainability. This is our business.


Graco Logistics provides access to the developed software aiming to allow real-time monitoring of the Import and Export processes, ensuring excellence in customer service and satisfaction. Benefits obtained through the system:

  • An accompaniment of Import and Export processes of logistic operations of cargo handling.
  • Customs clearance for final importers or exporters customers, in real time.
  • Access through a custom login and password on the website or to be parameterized by sending temporary e-mails with process tracking details.
  • Storage of scanned documents and monitor the position of confirmed shipments.
  • Centralization of information.